IT Outstaffing and outsourcing

From designer and programmer to copywriter and marketing specialist

We offer you a model of cooperation that will help you
fix, improve and redesign existing websites, eCommerce platforms,
portals, ERPs, CRMs and help desk systems more effectively.
  • In need of frontend-developer?

    Do you want to update the look and feel of your website? Do you need to get together the work of designers and programmers with great-looking adaptive/responsive web-design and lighten it with dynamics and effects? Our frontend-developers are happy to help you.
  • Do you need a system administrator?

    We will install, set up and support your server base either it is a single instance or a huge cluster. We build fault-tolerant systems with the highest security standards and automatic baking up mechanisms. We make complex migration of your systems to a new infrastructure.
  • Do you need a designer?

    Design, consistency and beauty - these are the main objectives for our designer. You can come to us with just a glimpse of an idea and we will build a great product out of it. Usability, simplicity and style will attract new clients for your business.
  • Do you need a programmer?

    Our programmers team will expand, extend and enhance your software functionality. We ALWAYS build well maintained software with scalable architectural design principles in mind and are ALWAYS detail-oriented in the conceptual decisions. Let's bring up your software reliability to the next level!
  • Is it the time for advertisement?

    The market and competitors analytics. All kinds of user behavior analytics and interests/trends research. Our specialists will help you design, launch and optimize your advertisement campaigns. We use all existent methods and techniques for bringing new customers to your business.

Control system

You will get the access to simple yet powerful help desk system. At any time you can create a task and watch its progress. All completed tasks are being saved to your account history.

Personal manager

Our manager will help you create and specify a task, advise you on how to make an optimal solution and after the task is created will coordinate its progress.


In your personal account you can easily replenish the balance, download the completed tasks reports on monthly basis, get necessary receipts and documents anytime.

The issues solving workflow

in our support system
a package
a task
the task
The task is

Connecting with our IT-support

Where do I start?

If you and your company are interested in using our support for improvement of your digital products just send message to Our support manager will contact you soon and connect you to our help desk system.

Have a successful project!

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