Our Services

Design and development

1. Architectural design
2. UI/UX design
3. Programming
4. Automation of the informational products
5. Quality assurance
6. Support

Products launch and enhancements

1. Market research, competitors monitoring
2. Internet products launch strategies
3. SEO
4. SMM
5. Social media interactions automation
6. User activity analysis

Servers and domains

1. Consulting on infrastructure choices
2. Data migrations
3. Fault tolerant systems design
4. Domain names and their renewal consulting
5. Server monitoring and profiling
6. Server support

Advertising and marketing

1. Content-based ads in search services
2. Social media marketing campaigns
3. Thematic websites media-campaigns
4. Copy-writing
5. External platforms affiliation programs
6. Map services prioritized placements
  • Showcase: Beauty salon chain


    A client has a profitable business - a chain of 8 beauty salons in the city. During the last 6 years the company had 2 websites but hadn't achieved any noticeable effect of their on-line presence. A community in social network was maintained by SMM manager who posted photos of cats and other funny pictures

    Objective is to help to attract new customers and increase the number of orders for the existing business.

    (results after 2 years)

    per day
    income growth
    from 1m2
    of the salon
    income growth
    from one specialist
  • Showcase: Pet supplies and accessories shop


    The company had an eCommerce platform for selling pet supplies which was developed a year ago with a paid CMS. Delivery is being made within the country. Accounting was recorded and processed with a spreadsheet application. For one operational year the shop hasn't become profitable. The owner assumes that the reason of the failure is inconvenient checkout process, unintuitive and complex CMS that isn't synchronized with accounting documents.

    Objective — to increase the sales and simplify the business handling processes.

    (results after 2 years)

    per day
    average check
    conversion growth
  • Showcase: Taxi service


    Before cooperation the company used mostly printed and visual ads. As the company didn't have an official site there was no possibility to monitor the demands of the passengers/clients in the cities. Promoters working approach was irresponsible for most of the time. Best ads placements were taken by the competitors for terms of 3 to 6 months.

    Objective — to increase the new clients flow and drivers employment.

    (results after 2 years)

    per day
    orders made
    each month
    per week

Technologies and services
Use the power of digital world in your business development